Saturday, July 17, 2010


With the halibut derbies in Homer and Valdez, Alaska kicking off, a few monsters from the deep have been caught.

Currently, the derby leader in Homer is a halibut weighing in at 273.2lbs while in Valdez, the leading halibut is at 200.7lbs

Last year Homer paid out $40,400 to the winner who landed a 354.6lbs halibut while in Valdez the winner brought home $15,000 with a halibut weighing in at 312.9lbs

For those who have never fished for halibut they are mostly bottom feeders with flat bodies. When they begin to mature, the eyes rolling to both sides of the body. One side of the body is white while the other is dark to prevent baitfish from spotting them. Halibut is widely considered one of the best eating fish worldwide. Halibut have been know to grow to monster sizes greatly exceeding 400lbs.

If your plans call for a trip to Alaska this year, make sure to take a day charter for halibut and buy a derby ticket. Who knows, you might win and make thousands$$

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