Wednesday, February 10, 2010


During the week of Jan 30 to Feb 6 a few friends fished on the Tayacu II houseboat. The Tayacu II is a smaller version of the Tayacu, but constructed with 4 staterooms with showers and toilets. Two bedrooms are on the upper deck while two bedrooms are on the lower deck.

A total of 9 fishermen were onboard the Tayacu II. They departed Barcelos and headed up the Cuiuni River for 3 1/2 days passing numerous fishing boats. The further they went the better the fishing was. The Tayacu II has a very low draft allowing it to navigate in very shallow water levels whereas most other houseboats cannot.

All caught many good sized peacock bass and there were 5 grandes over 20lbs caught. Best lures were the Caribe Jigs and Pavon Props.

The water levels rose about 3 inches during their week.

For more information on this trip contact

Steve Yatomi


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