Tuesday, February 23, 2010


On Feb 9, 2010 angler Bill Gassmann of Des Moines, Iowa, caught a potential World Record Peacock Bass weighing in at 28lbs. The old record was 27lbs caught by Doc Lawson on Dec 4 1994.

Gassmann was fishing a clown colored Luhr Jensen Big Game Woodchopper slim in clown coloration and was fishing a tributary of the Upper Rio Negro in the Brazilian Amazon.

Gassmann's guide, Aldeni "Elvis" Fonseca immediately knew the significance of the catch and urged Gassmann to return to the Capt. Peacock Houseboat.

The peacock measured 37 inches long with a girth of 25 inches and is pending certification by the IGFA.

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  1. Another world record fish was caught last weak by a Brazilian fisherman, putting this pending Record down. About 23/02/2010 a 42.91 inches fish was caught. It had 28.9lbs . And the best thing is that this fish was released back into nature.
    To bad IGFA hardly accepts a record that has been released. If you wanna see the pictures, go to this Forum. "Turma do Bigua" and search for a topic named "EXCLUSIVO-Tucunaré com 28.9lb. Sim, ele existe. Fotos Aqui"