Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yellow Lake Wisconsin

I recently fished Yellow Lake which is located in Webster, WI in Burnett County. Yellow Lake is a decent sized lake at 2287 acres with a maximum depth of 31 feet. Every fall when the lake starts to turn over, numerous large walleyes are caught in the deep mud flats. The walleyes start to roam the flats in search of perch. I troll with a rod equipped with 18lbs lead core line and use a smaller sized
Hot-N-Tot in about 26ft of water. On my other 2 rods (you are allowed 3 rods in WI) I use downriggers and place the lures about 75 feet behind the downrigger balls and use put the crankbaits down about 15 feet. Numerous trophy walleyes are usually landed every fall season with limits being the norm--see photo of my dad and friend with 30 inch trophy walleyes.

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