Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Recently had the opportunity for a return trip to Jurassic Lake Lodge which is located in the Patagonia Region of Southern Argentina.  Here, we fished for some of the largest rainbow trout which swim on earth.  We arrived in the small tourist town of El Calafate and had a 6 hour drive to the lodge.  The scenery on the drive to the lodge was outstanding.
 El Calafate is known as the Tierra de Glaciares.  We also saw numerous Guanaco,  a few lessar rheas, and a Patagonia wolf along the way.

The fishing was outstanding for monster rainbow trout pushing the scales up to 22 lbs.  Numerous trout over 15 lbs were caught by everyone in our group of 7.   Jurassic Lake, a.k.a. Lago Strobal has an incredible amount of protein-rich scuds which allow the trout to grow to amazing sizes.  The lodge is located in an extremely remote area as you will not see anybody else during your stay.                     
 Am planning on heading back in 2017 to catch more monster rainbows.  For more information on this spectacular fishery give me a shout at or write lodge owner            
Carlos Casanello at                                                                        

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