Sunday, August 14, 2016

Transporting fishing rod

Currently, it appears the airlines are placing stricter restrictions on the size and amount of bags one can check in during flights.  Most airlines allow for 1 bag to be checked during International Flights free of charge.  High fees are then enforced for additional baggage.  Transporting fishing rods can be a chore.  Not only due they use up your free baggage, but many airlines now have size restrictions.  What I have been doing is to use quality 2 piece fishing rods and pack them in a Plano Side-By-Side Rifle Case.  The case is lockable and airlines approved.  It has side by side compartments of which I place all rods in one side and fishing tackle in the other side, thus having a checked bag and not paying the high fees.  This particular case is 53in x 12in x 6in which allows for lots of room.  So, before paying additional baggage fees on your next fishing trip, consider a side by side rifle case!

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