Monday, September 28, 2015


On September 9, I along with friend Dr. Cole Lundquist flew out of Chicago to Anchorage.  We were later met up by friend Dr. Kevin Cleary of Atlanta for a week long fishing adventure on the Alaska Peninsula out of Gary LaRose's Pumice Creek Lodge.  On September 10th, we flew out of Anchorage to the town of King Salmon where Rob
ert May of RJ Aviation was waiting for us to fly us to the lodge.  All in the group have been to the lodge before and this was my 27th straight year fishing the Alaska Peninsula in search of monster silver salmon and big arctic char.
The weather was terrible during the week with lots and lots of rain and high winds.  However, the fishing was so good that I doubt anyone noticed the weather.  The silvers on the Cinder River were enormous this season.  I landed over 100 silvers on the second day of the trip.  The char fishing on Lava Creek was insane as you practically got a bite on every cast.  I landed 191 char on Tuesday and was the low man in the group!  The fishing out of Pumice Creek Lodge is simply the best on this earth!  Other than my 2 friends and guide Rudy McPherren, the only other fisherman I saw during the week was a brown bear!  Pumice Creek Lodge is far away from the crowds of Bristol Bay and the Kenai Peninsula so you more or less have the fishing to yourselves!  This year to avoid possible headaches with flight cancellations, we hired Robert May of RJ Aviation to fly us out of King Salmon to the lodge then from the lodge back to Anchorage.  I highly recommend Robert.  You can contact him at 907-469-0522 or look him up on facebook. I have already rebooked for 2016 at Pumice Creek Lodge.  To get into this world class fishing contact Gary LaRose at 907-350-6841 or you can contact me with any questions.  Gary's website is  Cannot wait till 2016 to get back to all those silvers and char on the Alaska Peninsula!

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