Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Each year beginning in the middle of May, the towns of Valdez and Homer offer thousands of dollars for those fortunate to catch a monster halibut.  The Derby's in these towns run through September 6 in Valdez and September 15 in Homer.  Seward offers a June only halibut derby. The current leader in Valdez is a halibut weighing in at 194.2lbs while Homer scores a 199.8lbs halibut.  The winner for the Seward derby was a monster weighing in at 291.2lbs.  I have fished out of each town numerous times.  Normally if the seas are calm, Montague Island is a hotspot for all to catch a monster.  I was lucky years ago to land a trophy estimated at 300lbs out of Valdez.  Unfortunately, the halibut did not even place on the leader board that year.  Halibut derby tickets can be bought in each town and you cannot win without a ticket!  Halibut are perhaps my favorite table fish either deep fried or smoked.  The delicious white filets are somewhat sweet to the taste plus you get an abundance of filets off a monster halibut with the cheeks being perhaps the best quality.  So if you venture to Alaska this summer, make sure to buy a halibut ticket and win thousands!

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    I have never fished for Halibut yet, but this is definitively on the fishing bucket list.

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