Saturday, May 2, 2015


Heavy duty rigs are required to land the monster Lau Lau.  For my recent trip to Suriname, I made numerous rigs before settling on using the Gamakatsu Octopus Single Eye 4X STRONG 10/0 hook tied to an Owner ST66 4/0 treble with 300lbs Kevlar Cord.  The Gamakatsu Octopus 4X is an extremely sharp and strong hook capable to penetrating the hard mouth of the Lau Lau.  Owner ST-66 or Owner ST-76 are in my opinion the best treble hooks on the market and are extremely strong and razor sharp.  The Kevlar cord was very easy to work with in tying knots.  I first tied the single hook to the Kevlar cord then ran about 5 inches before tying on the treble.  I superglued each knot and placed some shrink wrap over the knots for added protection.  A 6ft- 300lbs Kevlar Cord was then used as a leader
and tied to a 325lbs SPRO swivel.  First, a sinker slide was placed on the leader so heavy sinkers up to 16oz could be taken off without tying up a new rig.  Part of the fun of these trips is experimenting with new rigs before the trip actually takes place.  I found that when using the heavy egg sinkers, I placed a screw eye into one of the holes which could hold the sinker in place but let lose in case of snags so I would not lose the entire rig.  Also, give Kevlar Cord a look for your next leaders for monster fish!

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