Monday, September 22, 2014


Having had the opportunity to fish the top rivers on the Alaska Peninsula over the last 26 years for monster silver salmon, I feel that I have the experience to recommend the top lure producers. The Blue Fox pixee spoon is without a doubt the top lure of choice. These come in 3 sizes (1.4oz, 1/2oz, and 7/8oz). I always use the 7/8oz which retrieves deep and steady in fast river currents. The pixess have either UV, nickel plated, gold plated, or painted & metallic finishes. They have an egg insert which will attract silvers. The inserts come in various colorations with top choices being red, orange, pink, and green. Each lure comes with a single siwash hook to replace the treble hook if desired. Often we attach a plastic squid to the siwash hook to tempt shy silvers. Another top producer is the Blue Fox Clasic vibrax spinners. These spinners come in various sizes and colorations. For silvers go with either size #5 or #6. The brass stamped blades are either silver planted, copper plated or painted. The bodies come in various sizes with hot pink, nickel red, and red tiger being the top producer.

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