Sunday, June 15, 2014

Alaska Peninsula Silver Salmon

Catching Great Lakes cohos on plugs on planar boards or downriggers is fun, until you catch an Alaska silver. These silvers are fresh out of the saltwater and are as mean as a pitbull! The Alaska Peninsula offers the best silver fishing in Alaska. The Peninsula extends about 500 miles to the southwest from the mainland of Alaska, ending in the Aleutian Islands. One if not the best fishing lodge for monster silvers is Gary LaRose's Pumice Creek Lodge. The lodge is located about 376 air miles from Anchorage and 86 air miles from King Salmon. Here you are away from the Bristol Bay crowds. You will see more brown bears than humans. LaRose offers daily flyouts to the Cinder River for monster silvers. Days of landing over 50 silvers per person are the norm here rather than the exception. These silvers are mostly chrome bright having just come in from the salt still with sealice on them. The Alaska Peninsula offers some of the largest silvers in Alaska with some exceeding 20lbs. My guess is the average silver out of the Cinder River would be 12 pounds. LaRose limits groups up to six so you more or less have the river to yourself. A guide is with at all times always on the lookout for the brown bears. Fishing is normally done either wading with spinning or fly equipment. Pumice Creek Lodge also offers fantastic dolly varden/char fishing where catches of over 100 per fisherman are the norm. For silvers, the best time is toward the end of August and the beginning of September. Also during these months the char will be it total spawning coloration. This will be my 26th straight year battling the monster silvers on the Alaska Peninsula. Am already counting the days!! Check out for more info.

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