Monday, April 28, 2014

New Gear For Golden Dorado

During my recent trip to La Zona for monster golden dorado, I tested out the Daiwa Lexa 400HS-P baitcasting reel and the Bass Pro Muskie Angler 2 piece rod, 6ft 6in. The Lexa was fantastic. I found it very easy to cast and holds enough amout of 100lbs braid that trolling was not a problem. The drag is very powerful and held up to the constant abuse of the dorado. When trolling the strike is so hard that your shoulder practically comes out of its socket. The Lexa is very smooth and I highly recommend this for any species your after. The Bass Pro Muskie Angler Rod is an improved model which is much lighter with a different type of handle. The older model was one of my favorites as I bought every remaining rod after it was discontinued and equipped it to various golden dorado fishermen. I believe all will definately like the new model better due to the reduced weight and increased strength. For more information on the Daiwa Lexa get in touch with Tom Ashby at

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