Saturday, March 8, 2014

2- Piece Casting Rods

 Due to recent changes by airlines regarding length of baggage, 2 piece fishing rods are becoming a must. Many of the airlines will not even allow long rodtubes to be checked as baggage or charge hefty fees if in fact allowed. I have been using 2-piece 6ft 6in rods for a few years and they can be quite difficult to find. Bass Pro Shops has just come out with an improved Muskie Angler Rod. The rod is reduced in weight from it's previous model which I use, and has enhanced strength. It has a new casting mode fore grip and split grip handle. The 6ft 6in model is perfect for golden dorado, tigerfish, Nile Perch and countless other monsters. So before heading on your next International Fishing trip make sure to check the baggage rules before going and check out the Bass Pro Muskie Angler Rod as I am

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