Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nile Perch at Murchison Falls in Uganda. Africa

Had the opportunity to fish for NIle Perch at Murchison Falls, Uganda. Murchison Falls is located in a National Park and is on the Nile River. We left Chicago on Jan 31 for a long flight to London then onward to Entebee, Uganda. Here, guide Paul Goldring of greeted us and took us to our overnight hotel. In the morning we were off for a 6 hr drive to Murchison. Fishing was everything we hoped for and more. The groups largest Nile Perch were 135, 100, and another 100 pounds along with numerous others in the 50 to 30 pound range. Nile Perch can be caught on either live bait or casting rtifical lures. The wildlife was abundant with hundreds of elephants, thousands of hippos, baboons, cape buffalo, giant Nile crocs, antelope, warthog, etc.. seen each day while travelling in a boat along with river. I will write up a recap on the wildlife later as it will take a full page along with great photos. I highly recommend this trip for the wildlife viewing alone plus this is probably the last remaining place on earth to catch monster Nile Perch.

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