Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Fishing Shows

Each and every winter, I look forward to attending the various fishing shows in the Chicago area. Yesterday, I attend the Chicago muskie show. The show features top muskie anglers giving seminars and answering questions. This is a great opportunity to get some questions answered by pros. Looking for some of the new tackle and good prices? Well the shows have various tackle representatives available to answer questions and sell you there new top products. Yesterday at the show, I talked at length with Terry Trattner from Wolverine Tackle Wolverine Tackle has without question the strongest split rings availble on the market. Why take a chance on losing your fish of a lifetime due to subpar components. I have used these rings on all my world adventures and would not arm my lures with anything else. The rings are triple coiled to give it tremendous strenth. Make sure to put these on your lures before your next trip. Another item which caught my attention was the SS Shad constructed by Smoker Tackle I talked with owner Kyle Marsanick. The SS Shad is a super shallow, wide wobbling lure which can be casted over shallw structures such as weeds, rocks, etc... The SS Shad is made of high density balsa wood and has wire through construction. I hope to land a few monster golden dorado on this lure later in the year. So, if you at home with "cabin fever", make sure to hit some of the fishing shows in your area and check out the latest in tackle!

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