Sunday, November 3, 2013


Often, I am asked how do I find the best places to go for monster fish. These days with the entire world being on the web, information on places in far off lands can easily be found. It takes lots of homework which is part of the fun with these type of trips. First, you need to determine whether you are after certain species of fish or after a variety on the same trip. Next, find out as much information as possible on the fish. Lots of info can be gained by visiting the IGFA website. Here, you can find out where the records have been set and what time of the year they were landed. Next, there are lots of websites where you can ask professionals questions for free. One of the best is Larry Dahlberg's If per chance your after peacock bass in the Brazilian Amazon, nothing is better than to visit the forum section of ,Here, you can registar as a guest and ask questions regarding peacock bass. Next is to make as many phone calls as possible. Ask experienced fishermen who have fished these species where/when are the best times and what are realistic opportunities. Many of these trips are costly. You might want to contact an outfitter like Steve Yatomi of He has visited the camps himself and can give you references to contact. Do not just go by the lodges photo album. These might be older photos caught when conditons were ideal. So, before booking you next International trip, do your homework to increase your odds of getting that fishing adventure you have been dreaming of for years!

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