Saturday, March 23, 2013


During high water conditons, the current on the Uruguay River in the section known as La Zona accelerates making bottom contact extremely difficult.  Extremely thin profile bladebaits are just the answer.  The razor thin body shape makes these lures more hydrodynamic.  The key is keeping the lure slightly off the bottom with a constantly lift drop yo-yo type retrieve.  The Braid Products Braidrunner is the perfect choice.  These bladebaits come in a 5 inch( 4 1/2oz) model and a larger 7inch(6oz) model in various colorations.  These lures are very easy to cast long distances.  The thin body will allow the strong currents to carry the bladerunner downstream between yo-yo type retrieves.  These lures will put out a tremenous amount of vibration.  The lure comes with 5 line placement holes on it's top.  The action and vibration the lure puts out is dependent on line placement in these holes.  For a shallower,less vibration action, attach the line in the front hole.  For a deeper, more vibration action, attach the line in the rear hole.  These lures are great options for high water condtions not only at La Zona but at  your favorite monster fish location.  Before your next trip make sure to add a few to your tackle box!!

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