Thursday, June 14, 2012


My copy of Erwin Brown's "The Adventures of Erwin W. Brown" arrived today. Immediately I had to open it and read the chapter on my favorite fish/destination--golden dorado of La Zona. Erwin also takes us to fabulous fishing destinations such as Tigerfish in Africa, King Salmon in Alaska, Great Lakes Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon in Iceland and Quebec, Black Marlin in the Coral Sea, Christmas Island Bonefish, Lake Nipigon brookies, Arctic Char on Victoria Island, Canadian pike and lakers, Largemouth in Mexico, etc.. Erwin also has a few chapters on various types of bird hunting, wolf hunting, coyote hunting, snow goose in Quebec, goose hunting in Iceland and Argentina, etc. Plus ERwin tells of his role in the development of the Liquid Crystal Depth Finder. I highly recommend reading of Erwin's adventures!

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