Monday, April 2, 2012


In preparation for my upcoming trip to La Zona dorado, much tackle preparation is necessary to battle one of the toughest freshwater fish on this planet, the golden dorado. On all lures, the split rings need to be removed and replaced with the strongest rings on earth, the triple-coiled rings made by the Wolverine Tackle Company, contact Terry at for more inforation. These rings are the only rings I have found to hold up to the lure breaking strength of the golden dorado. Also all hooks need to be replaced with the top of the line Owner ST-76 trebels. If you thought the ST-66s were "the super hook", the ST-76 is the biggest, baddest big game treble hook on the market. These hooks are 5X strong, finished with corrision resistant vacuum-tinned finish, three super sharp power points and short shanks. Next make sure all lures are free of puncture marks made by previous fishing trips. Coat these spots with a super strong adhesion found at your local hardware store. I then repaint all destroyed lures then coat with a clear coat of enamel adhesion. Check all leaders and toss out any damaged ones. Take off all braided line and check for damaged spots. Replace if needed. Check all rods guides and tips for sharp edges, etc... These tackle preparation tips will greatly improved the odds of landing that mosnter golden dorado of your dreams!!

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