Friday, March 2, 2012


Avid dorado fishermen, Dr. Gary Clark has fished for monster golden dorado on the Uruguay River in a section known as La Zona. Golden dorado are mean, tackling busting, avid fighters, who constantly destroy fishing rods, reels, tackle! Dr. Clark had great luck using so-called ramped up spinnerbaits only to see the golden dorado turn the spinnerbait wire into a pretzel. After months of experimenting with hooks, wire, and design, Gary has come up with the

Dorado Killer spinnerbait named after yours truely! This beefed up spinnerbait weighs 2oz and comes with a giant willow blade attached with a top of the line ball bearing swivel. The spinnerbait is made out of unheard of 0.065 wire which can stand up to the largest dorado in La Zona. The hooks were tested by friend Art Weston to be some of the strongest on the market, the Gamakatsu 7/0 model 13017 O'Shaughnessy. Lure making is only a hobby to Dr. Clark as he is not in the tackle business. However a few of these have been put up for sale. Not only will they catch monster dorado, but will handle the strongest tigerfish, muskie, payara, peacock bass, etc which swim on earth. For more info on these limited spinnerbaits, contact Gary at

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