Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Having spent the past week fishing multiple species in the ponds around Bangkok, Thailand, I catch in my opinion the strongest freshwater fish in the world! A highlight of the trip was the opportunity to catch the rare and elusive Jullien's Golden Prized Carp (Probarbus jullieni). Catching this particular species is a dream for most carp anglers. The Jullien's Golden Prized Carp is currently on the endangered species list and very few anglers can lay claim that they have landed one. On the particular lake I was fishing I landed 2 in 2 days of fishing with the largest running about 7 kilos. This particular fish hit so hard that the rod was practically ripped out of my arms. I had to case the Carp down the bank hoping not to lose it. It reminds me of a Tanzania Tigerfish with striped coloration on its body and a hugh, wide forked tail which gives it a tremendous fighting ability.
On your next trip to Thailand, get in touch with Jean-Francois Helias at and check out his website at Francois knows where these elusive carp are located and maybe you too will experience the
"World's Strongest Freshwater Fish"!

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  1. it's a small one compared to one living in rivers in Malaysia.