Thursday, August 19, 2010


Friend, Rick Grover, and 3 of his close fishing friends were fortunate to fish for the elusive tigerfish last week in Tanzania, Africa. The guys fished the Rhudji River and Mnyera River. The camps are ran by Kilombero North Safaris and only allow 4 fishermen per week. There are very strict rules in camp such as different sections of the rivers will be fished during the 5 day stay. Hooks have to be single and barbless which makes it very difficult to land a tigerfish, but the barbless hook enables successful release when caught.

Clients must be in the presence of trained guides at all times as the Kilombero area poses many risks such as the rivers are teeming with hippos and crocodiles and the likelihood for close elephant, lion, and buffalo encounter. Rick said the group saw all of these animals plus many more.

The largest tigerfish caught for the group was a monster 22lbs tigerfish. Numerous others were caught by each angler. The trip was a fantastic experience by all and not soon to be forgotten.

I am heading to the same camp in the middle of October. Should be an experience of a lifetime!

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