Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Crappie action in Nebraska

Friend Steve Ryan had some fantastic crappie action this past weekend in Nebraska. Steve said it was one after another for at least an hour and all the crappies were monsters between 13 and 16 inches. Steve lives in Chicago and put on over 1250 miles this weekend in search of giant crappies and bluegills!
As most of you know, bluegills, crappies, and other panfish are great ways to teach kids to fish, and you can have a great fishing experience with them!

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  1. Love catchin' and eatin' them SLABS! Monster mess Steve. Curious Bob, artificial or minners? Posting a photo of one taken out of my lake this spring over at the fishing the Americas Blog. A little 1/16 oz white hair jig has been working great.