Sunday, September 13, 2009

Argentina Lure Fishing Association

Dear Bob, hope you are fine. As I told you some time ago, we are working to create the Argentina's Lure Fishing Association, never done in our country before (FYI, the only international recognized national fishing organizacion is the Fly Fishing Association created 34 years ago). The aim is to promote lure fishing in Argentina, to teach fishermen and guides about Spinning, Baitcasting and Trolling best techiques and different lures use, Catch & Release, environment protection, and of course, to keep sporting species safe from predation and commercial abuse, such as the (Golden) Dorado, the Dogfish (in spanish, "Tararira") and many others less known, which currently are in danger and nobody is doing anything about it. Up today we have created what we called "The Lure Day" which is held each 2nd and 4th saturday every month in a Buenos Aires public lake (in Palermo neighborhood, near the National Airport) in order to promote this project, meet people and some activities as casting or to study some lures action. These meetings are being quite succesful, and we also went thru several communication channels such as many local Fishing Forums, Sports Magazines and Radios, Facebook, etc., to continue promoting this while we are working also in some legal issues and building our own web page. The purpose of this message is to let you know that something big is about to reach the light in Argentina. So far we're a small group of people (small, yet many serious and experienced fishermen and media people working as insiders) and think with the continue support of many people which want to be involved and willing to make a difference, soon we'll be in a strong position to reach our goals. Woud be very good if you who knows our country and fished our waters, can support us by including this information in your weekly report. Currently the way to contact us is to this e-mail address In case you need further information, don't hesitate to contact me. I am attaching our Logo and Lure Day flyer (both .jpg files) Many thanks in advance and with best regards,Good fishing! Pablo OttonelliBuenos Aires,Argentina

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