Sunday, August 16, 2009

Papua New Guinea

Steve Yatomi of recently returned from the wild jungles of Papua New Guinea in search of bad ass Niugini Bass, trophy barramundia, and GT's.This area has not seen a white man in roughly 60 years since WWII and the fish have not seen any lures. In the particular river system where Yatomi fished, Niugini black bass are said to get over 60 lbs.
Due to a passing typhoon nearby, the conditions were poor, but still nice fish--bass to 28lbs, barras to 22 lbs and GT's to 55 lbs were caught.
Steve geared up with a Calcutta 400TE with 100 lb braid and a Pete Mania Muskie rod. This equipment was no match for the bad attitude bass. As Yatomi says "you don't go hunting for elephants with a pea shooter.
STeve is hosting trips to this area in September and October of 2010
for more information call Steve at 1-800-254-3474 or write

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