Monday, February 22, 2021



Recently, I purchased a Daiwa Tatula 300XS reel.  I was looking for a large capacity reel with a high drag and extremely fast retrieve to buzz poppers

across the waters in La Zona.  The Tatula was exactly what I was looking for!  The Tatula 300 comes in 3 different retrieves, the H (6:3:10, the HS (7:1:1) and the hyperspeed XS (8:1:1).  Daiwa has used it's patented T-wing system that decreases line resistance and its magforce z magnetic casting system. The Tatula 300 model utilizes larger gears for handling large dorado lures and a powerful 28.7 lbs of drag while weighing only 11.5 oz.  Now, I anxiously wait for Argentina to allowed citizens from the USA to enter so I can test out the reel on hopefully 50+ lbs La Zona dorado!!

Thursday, December 31, 2020

My 2020 in review


2020-What a year!  Hopefully everyone, their family, and friends were able to withstand the covid issue.  I truly believe the best is yet to come, making 2021 a year we cannot wait to arrive!  

In January, 2020, I traveled back to wet a line in the Coral Sea off of Papua New Guinea with friend, Bruce Cross. 

We were under the guidance of friend, Luke Wyrsta, who operates Rock Expeditions.  We slept under the stars in one man tents positioned on white sand beaches which were located on a remote island about a 2 hr boat ride from Misima Island.  The waters are teaming with Giant Travally, Dogtooth Tuna, and other brutes.  Papua New Guinea offers fishermen the best odds of landing the beautiful Napolean Wrasse.

  Nothing can compare to the topwater strikes exhibited by Giant Travelly.  This was my 3rd trip to Papua New Guinea fishing with Rock Expeditions.  I was fortunate to land numerous Giant Trevally up to 80 pounds while casting huge poppers.  Bruce was blessed to land the fish of my dreams, the Napoleon Wrasse while jigging for Dogtooth tuna. God willing I will be returning for another arm bruising battle in December 2021.  

During February, covid put a stop to International travel.  I had to postpone trips to Russia for taimen, a few trips to La Zona in Argentina for golden dorado, a few trips to Jurassic lake lodge in Argentina for rainbow trout, and a trip to the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea for Papua black bass.  Hopefully I can get these trips in during 2021!  

In July, I traveled with a few friends to Venice, LA to fish for redfish with Capt. Keith Kennedy of Born To Fish Charters.  The fishing was good and all of us were glad to get out of the house. 

In August, I returned again to fish with Capt. Keith.  The bite was on fire and perhaps my best trip for redfish to date.  Capt. Keith knows the waters well and always puts us on the bite.  Anxious to return for a few trips in 2021!

During the covid period, I have spent the majority of time living with my mom in Wisconsin.  I still remain Vice President of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Whiting.  My dad passed away in September.  I am convinced he died indirectly of covid as the family could not visit him in the assisted living home since February. Dad was still good of mind but just gave up.  He was able to return home for 1 day from the assisted living home before passing away which I thank God for letting us see and talk to him.  

So, 2021 should be a great year.  If I am extremely fortunate, I will land a huge Napoleon Wrasse in Papua New Guinea, land a trophy  taimen in Russia, and land more monster golden dorado, rainbow trout, redfish, giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, coral trout, Papua Black Bass, and the list goes on and on.

May God Bless each of you and your families!

Have and great 2021 and hope all your dreams come true!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2020


 During the covid lockdown, since I cannot travel to some of my favorite International destinations,  I have been stocking up on lures and sorting out my tackle room.  Livingston lures has a Christmas Sale going on, so I decided to order a few of their lures.  I bought a few of their Predatory Series lures.  Each lure comes with Livingston's exclusive EBS Technology which emits an electronic replication of natural biological sounds made by baitfish and other natural food sources. 

The Bulldozer is similar to the Rapala Shad Rap.  It is 5.71 inches and weights 2.31 oz.  The Bulldozer has a tight wobble and dives to about 5 feet on a cast.  This lure should be great at La Zona for golden dorado. 

The Jerkmaster 254 is 10 inches and weighs 4.52 oz.  It is designed to dart/slash in the 3 to 8 foot range.  The Head Hunter Magnum is a triple jointed lure which has slow-swimming action of a swimbait. It measures 10 inches and weighs 5.04 oz. 

  It runs 3 to 5 feet during a cast retrieve.  Finally, the Rachel 192 is a crankbait which dives to around 6 feet with a side by side wobble.  It measures 7.5 inches and weighs 3.25 oz. 

During the Christmas Season many companies offer great discounts so stock up on some of your favorite lures such as those offered by Livingston now!  

Thursday, December 24, 2020



B&B custom fishing rods is owned by Buzz Butters who is based out of Ripon Wisconsin.  Buzz can construct everything from micro-ice rods to heavy musky rods.  Each rod is custom made to your specifications.  

Buzz recently made me a travel rod to battle the Russia taimen and a travel rod to battle the Venice redfish.  During discussions with Buzz, I was surprised by my lack of knowledge when it comes to rod building.  Buzz works with companies such as to get quality components for a discounted rate.  He also can repair or make improvements on used rods.  I currently am having the rod guides replaced on a few of my spinning rods I use for Giant Trevally. Buzz also is a rod building instructor for Mud Hole custom tackle's nation-wide rod building classes.  Which fisher person would not want a new custom built rod for Christmas?  You can contact Buzz at 920-896-3132

Wednesday, December 23, 2020



For the past few years, the key to catching giant golden dorado at La Zona is  bouncing heavy wire spinnerbaits across the tops of boulders,  The majority of available spinnerbaits would not stand up to the powerful jaws of the golden dorado and either break the wire or bend the preset hooks.  Joe "Sparky" Bullock came up with an idea where the hook would rotate to prevent the dorado from gaining leverage while jumping while using heavy gauge wire and double large skirts.  

Sparky's spinnerbaits came with super strong single hooks to battle the biggest dorado in the world!  However, Joe is now enjoying life and no longer constructs these giant dorado spinnerbaits.  However, after numerous discussions,  Kermett Adams of wooden lure fame contacted Sparky and will now produce these spinnerbaits.  If your heading to La Zona or in fact after any large predator, these are the spinnerbaits to buy!!!  They will make great Christmas Gifts!  Contact Kermett here on facebook or I can put you in touch with him.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2020



Kermett Adams of has become the master in manufacturing top of the line wooden lures for huge predatory fish such as peacock bass, golden dorado. and others.  In the past few years, Kermett's topwater rippers have become the go to lure for monster peacocks. 

I have worked with Kermett in the design of top wooden lures to fool the La Zona golden dorado and have recently been in discussions with Kermett manufacturing topwater lures for Giant Trevally.  Kermett can paint the lures to your specifications and can practically produce any lure your have a design of.  He uses top of the line hard wood and uses a wire through construction. 

You can find Kermett on Facebook or contact me and will put you in contact with him.  His lures make great Christmas Gifts so get a few soon. 

Monday, December 21, 2020



If you browse through the IGFA record books for golden dorado, practically all entries are from the Uruguay River in a section known as La Zona.  Here the largest golden dorado on earth swim.  La Zona is a section or river near the Salto Grande Dam on the border of Uruguay and Argentina which is restricted to only 2 permits and can only be entered 4 days during the week. 

Currently, La Zona Lodge controls these 2 permits so 2 boats of up to 3 fishermen per boat are allowed into the Zone.  In the zone, clients have a chance of landing a golden dorado exceeding 50 pounds with a possibility of also landing a huge surubi. 

Elsewhere dorado topping 10 pounds are considered trophies, but they could not last in La Zona as they would be a dinner for the giants.  I have fished La Zona every year except the covid restrictions this year since the permits were granted.  The golden dorado seem to get larger each year as a strict catch and release policy is set forth by the government and La Zona Lodge.  Lodge owner, Hector Bradanini constructed a new hotel last year where clients stay.  Each room has private bath, large screen TVs, etc..  There is a restaurant in the hotel where delicious meals are served by local chefs.  The Argentina Bar-B-Que is simply fantastic!!  Clients are picked up in Buenos Aires by La Zona Lodge in a spacious A/C van and driven about 5 hours to the lodge.  Fly fishing and Conventional tackle are the preferred methods to land the monster dorado.  Topwater poppers and Super Shad Raps are some of the best lures.  Thick wire spinnerbaits have probably accounted for more monsters over 50 pounds than any other lure.  La Zona Lodge fills quickly so book that Christmas Gift soon.  You can contact me directly with any questions or I can put you in touch with the lodge manager.